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What’s CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer Review – features and Functions. CX File Explorer is the successor to CrossMediaFile and also the major thing that sets it apart from the regular CX File Explorer is the fact that it focuses on ease-of-use and provides much more functionality for typical basic tasks. Although it still keeps several of the classic CX File Explorer features that’re useful but most importantly new additions for basic functionalities like drag and drop support.

Unlike additional mass media manager application you are able to drag as well as drop music, videos, pictures and documents within the computer of yours on the very same window without the loss of functionality or efficiency quite possibly on an older laptop running Windows XP or ten. So generally you will not have to open up another window on the task bar of yours if you use CX File Explorer because everything is going how to use cx file explorer be over the identical page this includes nearly all settings.

Therefore even in case you have a lot of media photos in the PC of yours, you won’t feel anything but fast. The CX File Explorer also offers a file properties feature which will let you search every element of files such as filename, date, size, location and much more. Another excellent feature that sets CX File Explorer above the remainder is its search capability that makes navigation more quickly as it merely searches folders and files you’ve previously copied on your display screen.

Pasting and copying of files. As stated before, each file explorers support that feature but CX supports the file copying/ pasting, drag and drop choices and it tends to make simple for you to save files easily. View the details of the files. See the specifics is an ability of every file manager. But today we have seen CX File Explorer, it offers you exactly the same thing which has the fundamental feature of any simple file explorer. That is, if you would like to know more about any of the file, and then you can see its details easily.

Like, in the image below, you’ve the details of the picture file that’s called’ hello’ saved in the CX File Explorer and you can easily understand everything of its information by clicking on its title. Here are the CX File Explorer features as well as functions: Supports any type of file like music, images, video and in many cases documents. Crop. Resize. Rotate. Move. Delete. Encrypt. Shuffle. Burn.

Trash. Sort files according to particular date and time. Quick Info/Folder. Search. Press Properties. Playback. Add song/album cover image. Import playlist from file. Export playlist to file. Share files using e-mail and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Download songs to MP3 or even download tracks or perhaps albums. Backup files in local directory. Transfer files with USB or Wi-Fi.e. Share via Bluetooth or maybe NFC.

Transfer files with CX File Explorer by using different formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, WMA, AIFF, AAC, M4A, RA, RM, AC3, etc. Transcribe songs or perhaps read album lyrics and considerably more. Download and import videos utilizing a wide variety of formats.


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